Volunteer Opportunities

In our newsletter we have already informed you about the registration of the volunteer movement. So, from July 1 the volunteer movement of our parish is officially registered. Everyone can contribute to the parish the way they can. At the same time, every volunteer will be able to get the proof of employment in the parish, and as necessary, the recommendation letter from the Parish Council.

The following volunteer positions are currently opened:


  1. Administrative assistant: administration of the workflow in the church office (10 hours per month);
  2. Webmaster: administration of the current parish website, placement of new articles and analysis of the website statistics (10 hours per month);
  3. Web Designer: redesign of the current website layout; design of a new website for theSocio-CulturalCenter (20 hours per month). The project is designed for 3 months (June-September 2014). Based on the result a volunteer will be transferred to the other project;
  4. Public Relations Representative: planning publicity strategies, publication of articles in the local and municipal mass media, organization of events for the parishioners, residents of the closest city districts and Russian speaking residents of Calgary (10 hours per month);
  5. Social Media Specialist: administration and control of publications about the parish and its projects in social media (10 hours per month).


A coordinator of the Volunteer Movement is Alex Vetsak (alex@calgary-lacombe.ca)

Опубликовал 4th July 2014.

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