Meeting with St. Patrick’s Catholic Women’s League.

On May 1, 2012 the Sisterhood of St. Barbara of St. John Chrysostom parish received a visit from St. Patrick’s Catholic Women’s League. The evening started with an opening speech. Father Svyatoslav told the story of St. John Chrysostom establishment, he also told about the main stages of the church reconstruction process. We shared our ideas and plans for the future. Our parish got a very nice gift from our guests. It was an old engraving from 1892 with an original view of St. Patrick’s Church. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere with tea, Russian pancakes, and pies. We are looking forward to our future common projects. Click here... 

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Schedule of Services – May 2012

With the blessing of the parish priest Svyatoslav Dubanenko Service Schedule for May. Christ is Risen! May 5, Saturday, Time: 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. May 6, Sunday, Time: 10.00 am – Divine Liturgy. . May 12, Saturday, Time: 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. This service is Canceled. May 13, Sunday, Time: 10.00 am – Divine Liturgy. This service is Canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience. . May 19, Saturday, Time: 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. May 20, Sunday, Time: 10.00 am – Divine Liturgy. . May 23, Wednesday – 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. May 24, Thursday, Time: 10.00 – Ascension of Jesus. Divine... 

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Photo report: Spring and Easter Fair. April 21, 2012

If you look up the meaning of the word ‘yarmarka’ (Russian for ‘fair’) you will find out that in the past fairs were normally held in very well protected places (near castles, monasteries/nunneries) and often duringholy days. The right to hold a fair was normally granted by a king,earl, or other person of high standing. In this respect, we are hundred percent sure, we kept up the tradition. Easter charity fair was held with the help of parishionersin support of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. John Chrysostom on a bright and sunny day of April 21, 2012,on the territory adjoining to the church. Fair preparations were done carefully and with... 

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Photo report: RESURECTION SUNDAY. Sacred Procession and Festive Easter Vigil. April 14-15, 2012

Easter greeting from father Svyatoslav. Anointing 04.11.2012 Sermon. Consecration of Easter cakes. Service beginning. Sacred procession.  

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103-year-old Bell was Returned to Its Former Place on April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 became another holiday at the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. John Chrysostom. 103-year-old bell was returned to its historical place!   It was dismantled 30 years ago, as the building of the church became decrepit and could not hold the weight of the bell any longer. Nobody then even thought that the bell can get a second life. Parishioners were not the only ones who came to witness the event. Many people from neighboring communities came as well. Preparations to this special day were laborious and time-consuming. With the help of our parishionersand on the donations of those who were not indifferent, all the restoration... 

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103-летний колокол вновь будет возвращен на прежнее место! 8 апреля 2012 года

Уважаемые жители нашего города! Обращаемся ко всем, кому дорога история нашего края! 8 апреля 2012 года  в 11-30 состоится знаменательное событие ! 103- летний колокол,  молчавший многие годы,  обретет новую жизнь и вновь будет возвращен на прежнее место!! Для всех гостей чай, кофе и скромное угощение. Приходите!!! Будем ждать Вас!!!!!     наш адрес   

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Весенняя Пасхальная Ярмарка – 21 апреля 2012 года

                    Благотворительная Акция  Русская Православная Церковь Св.Иоанна Златоуста Приглашает Вас на Праздник ! Весенняя Пасхальная Ярмарка 21 апреля 2012 года с 10.00 до 15.00  Кухня на открытом воздухе – вкуснейшие славянские яства. Концертно-развлекательная программа с 12.00 до 14.00 с участием известных самодеятельных коллективов Калгари. Русские... 

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Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the laws of Christ. April, 2012.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the laws of Christ.” He comes regularly. In the middle of the week. An elderly man, somewhat short in height, he has been coming once a month since the foundation of our parish. He is always in a hurry alleging he needs to go to work or attend to some other business. It seems to me, though, that his hurriedness is caused more by his shyness and modesty. This good man appears to have come to God just recently, and unlike regular churchgoers, he feels a bit uneasy and awkward in church. He puts his small donation in the donation box, hurriedly crosses himself, and leaves. I watch him... 

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Иверская Икона Пресвятой Богородицы- часть 3 – Впечатления от Праздничного Богослужения в Калгари

II. ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЯ ОТ ПРАЗДНИЧНОГО БОГОСЛУЖЕНИЯ В ЧЕСТЬ ГАВАЙСКОЙ МИРОТОЧИВОЙ ИКОНЫ.  9.«Странное и непостижимое промышление Господне о рабех Его в разсеянии русстем сущих людие православнии уразумеша, егда Ты, Владычице, чудоточное миро от иконы Твоея источивши, верныя Твоя возвеселила еси…». (2) 25 марта, 2012 года нам был дарован духовный праздник – посещение нашего... 

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Иверская Икона Пресвятой Богородицы – часть 2

В наше время, которое многие православные иерархи, священнослужители и миряне считают «последним», для утешения верных, преодоления раздоров, призвания к покаянию, укрепления в перенесении скорбей нам было даровано Монреальское чудо – мироточивая икона Богоматери, написанная на святой горе Афон в 1981 году с подлинника иконы Богоматери Вратарницы. Она просияла... 

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