At the beginning of June we informed you about the plans to build a playground on the territory of our church.  During the month we received necessary approvals, coordinated the project and applied for a grant from the Parks Foundation fund. The next step is to find necessary funding to build a playground. A playground will be designed for 10-15 children from the age of 2 to 12; in the future in can be enlarged (for a kindergarten and a school). The current project values 29,000 CAD; three fourth of which is the price of the playground equipment but the rest is the payment for a digger, the purchase of gravel and materials for a playground upgrading. The... 

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Service Schedule for July 2014

July 2 – Wednesday – 18.00 – St. Akathist. John of Shanghai. July 5 – Saturday – Vigil. July 6 – Sunday – 10.00-Divine Liturgy. . July 9 – Wednesday – 18.00 – St. Akathist. John the Forerunner. July 11 – Friday – 18.00 – Vigil. July 12 – Saturday – 10.00 – Boxing Day. Apostles Peter and Paul. Divine Liturgy. Closing Petrova post.   July 12 – Saturday – 18.00 – Vigil. July 13 – Sunday – 10.00 – Divine Liturgy. . July 16, Wednesday – 18.00-Akathist communication. royal Passion July 19 – Saturday – 18.00... 

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Celebration of All Saints Day

Celebration of All Saints Day Last Saturday, June 14th, on the eve of the All Saints Day, which is the patrons festival of our parish in the north, the Archbishop of Montreal and Canada Gabriel visited Calgary. Sunday morning he conducted Divine Liturgy and ordained two our parishioners, Stanislav and Daniel, lectors. After the service, All Saints sisterhood organized a small party for the parishioners and the clergy.  

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Why do we need a Cultural Center?

Why Do We Need the Socio-Cultural Centre? We all have at some point come to this fine city, Calgary. From the first day upon arrival, many of us started looking for acquaintances to seek advice or ask for help with our everyday problems. Some of us began to ask ourselves if there is a place in Calgary where we can meet our countrymen, give our children an opportunity to study native language, and help the elderly to find like-minded people and befriend them.  

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The Softener of Evil Hearts Icon

The Softener of Evil Hearts Icon The Softener of Evil Hearts Icon is considered one of the most important icons of the modern Orthodox Church; the commemoration of the icon is on the first Sunday after the Holy Trinity, during the week of All Saints (this year is on July 15) and on February 3 according to the old calendar (on February 3 according to the new one). This icon reminds us about sufferings of the Mother of God that she experiences when He is crucified. The Softener of Evil Hearts is the Icon we pray in front of to dispel anger against our enemies; we also pray for peace and well-being of the family, society, country, confessing the evil in our... 

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The Apostles’ Fast

The Apostles’ Fast or (The Fast of St. Peter and St. Paul) The fast of St. Peter andSt. Paulis dedicated to the memory of theSt.Apostles Peter and Paul; both of them fasted to be ready for the evangelical preaching (The Acts 13:3). The fast of St. Peter andSt. Paulstarted on Monday, June 16, directly after the Holy Trinity Sunday; this year it finishes on July 12, the day of St. Peter andSt. Paul, when the church worships “St. Peter’s firmness andSt. Paul’s reason.” Thus, in different years the fast may last from 8 to 42 days, depending on the date of the Easter celebration. The Apostles’ Fast is not as strict as the Lent; the Church Statute... 

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Service Schedule for June 2014

In Orthodoxy, the month of June is full of events. Moreover, a special event will be held this month in Calgary; the visit of Archbishop Gabriel on June 14 and 15 during All Saints Days. We will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity on June 8 and on June 16 the fast of St. Peter and St. Paul starts. May 31 – Saturday – Vigil . June 1 – Sunday – 10.00- Divine Liturgy . . June 4 – Wednesday – 18.00 – Akathist blzh.Ksenii Petersburg . June 7 – Saturday – Trinity SATURDAY . 12.00 – Great dirge . 18.00 – Vigil . June 8 – Sunday – Day of the Holy Trinity . 10.00 – Divine Liturgy... 

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All Saints

For non-churchgoers the life of saints is a mystery. “Why all the extremes,” they ask when reading about the martyrs, fathers, and other principal saints who “experienced affronts and beatings, bonds and prison, were stoned and sawed in two, tortured, killed by sward, wandered in sheep and goatskins tolerating privations, distress, and people’s malice”.  

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Holy Trinity Sunday

We magnify Thee, O Life-giver Christ, And we honor Thy most Holy Spirit, Whom Thou didst send from the Father unto Thy disciples. (Magnification of the Feast of the Holy Trinity) On June 8 all orthodox Christians celebrated the Birthday of Church – the Holy Trinity Sunday or the day when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, Pentecost. The Trinity Sunday is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter. This holiday is also called Pentecost, from the Greek adjective ‘pentekostos’ which means “fiftieth.”  

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Kid’s Sunday School

There is no doubt that our kids are the most important treasure that we have. That is why it is so important to provide them with everything that they need now and in the future. Children being in the other language environment lose their knowledge of the native language. Education in our school will help to avoid this problem and open the door to the fascinating world of communication without borders; it will also help to broaden horizons and learn the world better. Many parishioners know that we opened the kids Sunday school in April; it provides 2 classes: the Russian language and the foundations of Christianity. 4 to 9 year-old-kids have been attending... 

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