Russian Compound

Planned to build a Russian Compound around our church.

New year 2014 for our parish will be very responsible and stressful. This year should be taken important decisions regarding the construction of our Orthodox monastery , which we hope God will help us all go the way of construction and organization with minimal losses.

Our project monastery embodies much of what we used to see in the religious, cultural and traditional life where we come from . The primary focus of our monastery is the upbringing and education of our children. Compound will encompass four separate buildings . They will host various schools and clubs, a refectory and a kindergarten , sports facilities and much more .

The project is ambitious . And if it comes true, and it to be , it will be the first such farmstead in Canada.

More information about the project can be read by clicking this link

Russian Compound


Опубликовал 14th December 2013.

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