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Our address :

St.John Chrysostom Russian Orthodox Church 14608 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB, Canada, T2X 1Z7

Phone number :

Priest Svyatoslav Dubanenko +1 (403) 903- 4013 +1 (403) 452 28 80

email :  – Priest Svyatoslav Dubanenko

Directions :

Using Public Transit:

1.    Take Southbound C-Train to Fish Creek / Lacombe station.
2.    Take the skywalk to cross MacLeod Trail. You’ll see the church on your right.
3.    Turn right as you exit the skywalk.
Coming By Car:

By turning from Bannister road SE to 145 Ave (a pointer to the Macleod Trail North)
keep left and after 30 meters turn left into the territory of the church, without going on McLeod Trail.
(Follow the direction of the blue arrow on the map)


Опубликовал 4th December 2011.

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