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Sunday School for our children


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Prophet Amos


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Charity event, July 12th, 2014

You’re Invited! On the Feast of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul,  July 12th, at 6 pm, our Sisterhood is organizing a charity event, which will include food and beverages, nice company, a small concert and more. Come yourselves and bring your friends with you. Don’t forget the folding chairs. Our address is 14608 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB, Canada, T2X 1Z7  

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The Restoration of the Church Building

The Parish currently doesn’t have money for the restoration of the church building. The province, the city and sponsors don’t give money. We can’t afford to do it as well. The Problem The building of the church is the part of the historical heritage; thus works can be done only with the approval of the Provincial Department of Cultural Heritage: 1. This Department requires an engineering research before the beginning of any restoration work (it is, approximately, 10-20 thousand CAD at our expense; and may be fifty per cent of the sum will be given back); 2. Next, the Department demands the restoration of the siding parts, foundation and windows.... 

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Why Isn’t the Fence Being Built?

July 1, 2014; we have collected 9,145 CAD since October 1, 2013. Right now we are not able to build the fence because of the lack of approval from the Provincial Department of Cultural Heritage. In the mid-May the territory was marked out; we also arranged a digger to drill holes and install poles. But because of the rainy weather it was postponed till the beginning of June. In June the approval to build a fence was pending in the Department of Cultural Heritage. At the end of June the same department banned us from working with the hedge as it is the part of our territory heritage. The hedge spreads over the part of our territory and without its removal... 

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The Feast of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

In midsummer, on June 12th, the Orthodox Christians commemorate the life and death of the two apostles – Peter and Paul. To be more precise, this day has been considered the day of their martyrdom since on the same day within a year from each other, somewhere around 67-68 AD, they both were martyred in Rome for their Faith. The two apostles are also connected by the fact that at some point in their lives they both were not at their Teacher’s side: Peter when he thrice denied knowing the Savior after His arrest, and Paul when he relentlessly persecuted Christ till on his way to Damascus he was blinded  by the brightest light descending from the sky.... 

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Volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities   In our newsletter we have already informed you about the registration of the volunteer movement. So, from July 1 the volunteer movement of our parish is officially registered. Everyone can contribute to the parish the way they can. At the same time, every volunteer will be able to get the proof of employment in the parish, and as necessary, the recommendation letter from the Parish Council. The following volunteer positions are currently opened:   Administrative assistant: administration of the workflow in the church office (10 hours per month); Webmaster: administration of the current parish website, placement of new... 

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The Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptis

7th of July is the celebration of the birth of John, the Prophet, the Forerunner and the Baptist of our Lord Jesus Christ. John the Baptist is the most venerated saint, second only to Virgin Mary. It’s about him Our Lord Jesus Christ said “Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist.”  

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Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

6th of July is the commemoration of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God.This image was painted by the Evangelist Luke on a board from the table at which the Savior ate together with His All-Pure Mother and Righteous Joseph. The Mother of God, upon seeing this image, exclaimed, “Henceforth, all generations shall call Me blessed. The grace of both My Son and Me shall be with this icon.” In our church, the icon is left of the church’s entrance  

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At the beginning of June we informed you about the plans to build a playground on the territory of our church.  During the month we received necessary approvals, coordinated the project and applied for a grant from the Parks Foundation fund. The next step is to find necessary funding to build a playground. A playground will be designed for 10-15 children from the age of 2 to 12; in the future in can be enlarged (for a kindergarten and a school). The current project values 29,000 CAD; three fourth of which is the price of the playground equipment but the rest is the payment for a digger, the purchase of gravel and materials for a playground upgrading. The... 

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