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Ascension of Jesus

Ascension of Jesus Dear Parishioners, We will be happy if you join us in our celebration of the Ascension of Jesus in our church: May 28, Wednesday, 6pm – Vigils May 29, Thursday, 10 am – Liturgy Celebration of the Ascension of Jesus takes place on the fortieth day after His Resurrection (Easter)  

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Volunteer Movement

  Volunteer Movement Our parish was organized and developed thanks to the volunteer support movement of parishioners. In this manner our small but rich of events parish history has developed. From July 1, our volunteer movement will be officially registered in the parish; and everyone will be able to continue contributing to the parish the way they can. At the same time, every volunteer will be able to get the proof of employment in the parish, and as necessary, the recommendation letter from the Parish Council. In the future, the parish will create additional volunteer positions for everyone who is eager to join. We will post the information about... 

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Orthodox parish in Red Deer

Orthodox parish in Red Deer to celebrate his first Feast Day. May 6th Memorial Day of St. George – the patron saint of the parish. Orthodox Parish in Red Deer The orthodox parish in Red Deer has celebrated its first Patron Saint’s day, the day that commemorates the church’s patron, St. George. The Dean, Father Victor, and Deacon Georgy conducted the full service accompanied by the harmonious singing of the choir. The Red Deer parishioners welcomed the quests from Calgary who came to celebrate the event. The parish was presented with an icon of Theotokos “Softener of Evil Hearts.” In this day of Calgary, with the blessing of o.Svyatoslava,... 

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Spring Cleaning Was a Success!

Spring Cleaning Was a Success! Despite the rainy weather forecast, subbotnik – the spring cleaning of our Church’s territory – took place last Saturday. Together we cleaned up the last year’s leaves and garbage and started the site preparation work for the installation of the fence. Thanks to all participants! And special thanks to the weather!  

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Results of Fundraising for the Church Development Fund

Results of Fundraising for the Church Development Fund Last year there were some cases of vandalism on the territory of our Church. It was unprotected because of the lack of fence. That is why, late last year the Parish Council took a decision about the need to build a fence. As it was necessary to fundraise $10,300 and it seemed impossible at that moment, the Parish Council suggested carrying on monthly donations to the Development Fund. As of today, the sum of $8,550 has been collected thanks to the regular donations of 25 parishioners. Last weekend we started building the fence around the territory of the Church. The first steps were done by the parishioners... 

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Helping the Monastery in Red Deer

Helping the Monastery in Red Deer Three weeks ago we collected money for the female monastery in Red Deer. On the insistence of Mother Superior, a greenhouse has been built. Since the monastery is self-sufficient, this event is a big deal for them. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all who took part in the project!  

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The Pictorial Icon of Saint Varvara.

The Pictorial Icon of Saint Varvara. Before the service, I like lighting the icon lamps by myself. It is some kind of a mystery when you address a short prayer to different saints, to the icons of saints where the light is glimmering. When you go around the church, from one icon to the other, you can feel the harmony of soul. I stay a bit longer next to the pictorial icon of Saint Varvara. First, this image brings the small part of the Great Martyr relic and you always want to get closer to it. Second, the icon-painter Alena Martynova painted this icon. I always pronounce in her memory, “May your soul repose in Christ”. Miracle and the Divine Providence... 

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Territory transferred to the ownership of the Church

Since February 2014 our parish is a full owner of the site , which is our Temple . It is very important for all of us , because we are planning to develop socio – cultural complex in our territory. Us in this project support both our Parishioners Temple and the city administration . History of our Parish will now be permanently connected to the land . We got the right to property from the Catholic Church after the two -year lease of the building and grounds of the Church. About our Parish was positive view of other churches , including nearest neighbors , the Church of England . Also, our project to restore the Church as a Historic Heritage Calgary found... 

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Opening Serbian Orthodox Temple in Calgary

In the south of Calgary opening and consecration of a new Orthodox Temple of St. Simeon Serbian Myrrh. The temple was erected in less than 2 years, after laying of the temple took place on July 29, 2012. “I think it would not hurt us, Russian, Serb learn from how we must take care of their Temples, preserving the traditions and the younger generation. For us [Russian Orthodox] much more. So let’s take a cue from their counterparts and will not keep them, “the article says about the Temple tab.  

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Changes in the schedule of services

Dear Parishioners, service May 18 and 19 will be held in our church of St. John Chrysostom, and service 24 and May 25 will be held at the Cathedral of All Saints! In connection with the visit of his father Peter in the Holy Land, the service two parishes will be merged and father Svyatoslav in All Saints Church at 905 – 8 Ave NE, Calgary, AB. Schedule Church of St. John Chrysostom …  

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