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Schedule of Services – March 2013

This text translated by Google Translator. March 2 to Saturday, 18.00-night vigil. March 3-Sunday-10.00-Divine Liturgy. . March 6th-Wednesday-18.00-Akathist Blessed Matrona of Moscow. March 9-Saturday-THE SATURDAY. – 12.00-Great requiem. – 18.00-night vigil. March 10 to Sunday, 10.00-Divine Liturgy. . March 13-Wednesday-18.00-Akathist to St. John Chrysostom. March 16 to Saturday, 18.00-night vigil. 17marta-Sunday-Forgiveness Sunday. – 10.00-Divine Liturgy. – 18.00-Chin forgiveness. . March 18 beginning of Great Lent. March 18-Monday-18.00-read of Great Canon of Saint Andrew Kritskago. March 19-Tuesday-18.00-read of Great Canon of... 

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Open the door to the heart!

This text translated by Google Translator. We all came to Canada for a “better” life, from the point of view of a comfortable stay, as it occupies a leading position in various rankings in terms of life, safety and well-being. But for us, it is no secret that being away from home, it is difficult to maintain their national traditions, culture and language. In this regard, common thread for immigrants became church communities abroad. A few years ago in the south of the city was formed and began to strengthen the new spiritual spring, the center of attraction of Russian-speaking residents – Parish Church of St. John Chrysostom. Construction... 

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Introducing New Section

Our congregation has quite a number of people who are full of creative juices. This new section will provide an insight into their interests, artworks and achievements. Stay tuned!  

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February thoughts.

This text translated by Google Translator Send holidays. Celebrate the New Year, rejoiced the Savior’s birth, sanctified by the Holy Theophany. Bottles, jars, lids. Babbles holy salvation through voronochke and spread from house to house, cabinets, shelves. Who face a child with her hands to wash someone get rid of the disease. The main thing, in faith. And such a joy in my heart from the fact that it was told the same to the present time, not spilled over the potholes immigration, faith and traditions of our grandmothers and dedok. Oh the good it is! Thank God for everything. Many new faces, new families with kids in our parish and is very happy.... 

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Schedule of Services – February 2013

February 2 – Saturday – 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. February 3 – Sunday – 10.00 – Divine Liturgy. . 6 February – Wednesday, 18.00 – Akathist Xenia of Petersburg. February 9 – Saturday, 18.00 – Vigil. February 10 – Sunday – 10.00-Divine Liturgy. . February 13 – Wednesday – 18.00 – Akathist three hierarchs, Basil, Gregory, John. February 14 – Thursday – 18.00 – All-Night Vigil. February 15 – Friday – 10.00 – The Purification of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Divine Liturgy. February 16 – Saturday – 18.00 – Vigil. February 17... 

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